Prayer Requests

The young man awaiting a heart transplant; Bobby Bowlby; Brent; Don & Patti Cerrato; Diane Colton; Marie and Dimitri Chomut; Jeffrey DuBois; Dr. Susan Edwards & Team Velvet; the Fosters; Tim Gallagher; Maria Gonzalez; Dr. Lola Gross; Richard Horner; Doris Hoyer; James Kuykendall; Joyce Kuster; Betty Leverton; Linvale UM Church; Lisa; Debra Little; Howard & Muriel Parkes and son Bob Smith; Leanne Parks; Reaville Church; Eric Reynolds; Eugene Ringer Jr; Billy Rose; Ruth; Rev. Dr. R. Wm. Shaub; James Smith, Rev. Ron Sparvero; Renata Wilhelm; Rose Zameck. The family of Fred Holley on his recent death, and all those who mourn loved ones.

People in Africa facing starvation, and people around the world in troubled Nations, including our country with protests in the streets of many of our cities.

Bless the President of the United States of America, our Senators, and our Representatives, help all to make wise decisions. Pray for God to bless the United States of America. 'Lord, hold all our troops in your loving hands, particularly Tim Hutchinson, Jr & Lieut. John W. Potter, CHC-N in Afghanistan. Protect the men and women as they protect us. Bless them and their families as they are away from each other. Amen. (Many of us in the community saw John W. Potter grow up. Please say an extra prayer for him and his wife, Sara.)

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